Q. Do I need to be at the event on both Friday evening and all day Saturday to participate?

A. YES! You must commit and immerse yourself to have the best experience and to provide the best experience for your peer entrepreneurs.


Q. What is the minimum age to participate?

A. We suggest middle school aged and upward. At past events, we've had ages ranging from 13 to 81. Mom and son / daughter and Dad and son / daughter encouraged!


Q. If I already have a new idea for a business is Kickstart Weekend for me?

A. Yes. However, you won't be working on your specific idea at the event. You will learn startup knowledge you can take home with you after the event and apply it to your specific idea.


Q. If I already have an existing business is Kickstart Weekend for me?

A. It can be. You won't be working on your existing business at the event. However, if you want to broaden your business knowledge, meet new people and support other entrepreneurs then yes you should sign-up.


Q. If I'm already working for a company, am a student or have no business experience, is Kickstart Weekend for me?

A. YES, YES and YES! We believe we're all entrepreneurs. Come join the movement...you won't be disappointed.


Q. How do you handle intellectual property?

A. To move from an idea to a real company with revenue and customers is an arduous journey. History shows that the chances that someone else is going to hear your idea, decide to drop everything they are doing to pursue your idea with more intensity and ability than you...and "beat you to it" its incredibly low. On the other hand, the value in finding advice, mentors, advisors, investors, customers, and even co-founders from speaking openly about ideas has been proven over and over across the country. Innovate Daytona will do nothing to protect any IP at any time - what protects IP is intense focus, hard work, and following through on your passion.